Here are a few videos by the band that are available for viewing on youtube.

You can find music videos, Concert performances, TV interviews, and even video messages from the band by searching

Or you can click on the link above to visit our youtube channel.  We link to the best CXS footage we find.

Cruxshadows encourages the placement of Youtube videos of the band on websites, myspace pages, emails etc.  By helping to show what you love about the band, you are helping to promote CXS to new people who may not have heard of us.

You can imbed videos by clicking on the arrow in the right hand corner of the youtube video frame.  Also be sure to rate Cruxshadows videos that you think are good.  The star rating that a video has is often the deciding factor in whether someone will watch a video or not.

And keep in mind that  the video and audio quality is not always the best.

Keep coming back to this page.  We will update it with any new "official" videos we release to the public.