Crüxshadows Press Info: 2008

Thank you for your interest in the Crüxshadows.  Provided to the right and below are images and files that can be freely used in the creation of newspaper articles, magazine articles, or web articles that focus on or feature the Crüxshadows.  Images are all at least 300 dpi hi-res j-pegs that can be converted to print quality CMYK images easily.  The Crüxshadows logo is in an illustrator file (.ai) to allow for resizing without loss of quality.  Each image is linked to a large hi-res version.  PC users should RIGHT-CLICK to download, & MAC users should CTRL-CLICK . Images remain the property of the band however, and are specifically released for use by the press. They are not intended to be used outside of the context of news about or promotion of the band.

We have included a press pack in PDF form, & copies of the Billboard Charts from 2006 & 2007.  Also you can download an audio preview (in podcast form) of the latest full album DreamCypher (1/16/07).  If you wish to make an interview with the band you can email requests to  Interviews are carried out with Rogue and can be done in person, by phone, or through email when time and schedule permits.

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